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NY Times app works for me, I use it every day. Make sure you are on the latest version. When Android 14 first came out they had problems but they fixed it. Lyft also does not crash for me.

NickCalyx, Reddit, March 7, 2024 (
Nicholas Merrill, President and founder of Calyx Institute

New York Times app, in addition to being proprietary, has too many trackers (11,!

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March 30, 2024

TL;DR:Not perfect, but what is? A lot just works without muss or fuss, and without too much Google or other third parties by default. The President and founder of Calyx Institute apparently likes using proprietary apps (see page top quote). I don't. As long as the supporting add-ons like microG are optional, it is a minor difference of opinion. I'm not going to cover the history of Nicholas Merrill and the National Security Letter. Suffice to say, I feel the people leading and working on CalyxOS are trustworthy.

Disclaimer: I am a CalyxOS user, and a supporter with button, sticker, and T-shirt to advertise it.



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