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I don't care about Google apps.
I don't use them. I don't want them.
They are proprietary.

DivestOS does not support Google apps.
DivestOS will not include microG or the GrapheneOS' Play Services sandbox.
Anyone is welcome to fork DivestOS for such if they desire.
Dec 21, 2021

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Divested "Group", Tad [Redacted] also known as SkewedZeppelin, IratePorcupine at GitLab, Subzer0Carnage at Reddit; Tavi, Ram-Rod Tikki, Rikki, Darzee, and more in XMPP Multi-User Chats and elsewhere:


Downgraded to Avoid, from Maybe

May 5, 2023, update November 1, 2023, February 17, 2024

TL;DR: The lone developer has been exhibiting more unstable behavior similar to their idol, Daniel Micay. This convinced me to give up and abandon DivestOS and Divested apps, completely. I cannot trust someone who is selling a product - an operating system and apps - by asking for donations to an individual, and suddenly decides to try to disguise their identity, without giving any explanation.

I was an early supporter of DivestOS from soon after it was announced at the F-Droid forums in June, 2020, until the DivestOS XMPP multi-user chat was over-run and manipulated by Daniel Micay (strcat, strncat, thestinger) and his brigade of followers and GrapheneOS fanatics, in November-December, 2022. After that, I lost my enthusiasm, to put it mildly. As a hobby "passion" project, DivestOS may have difficulty maintaining and sustaining, unless major donor support is obtained, although it has persisted for almost a decade so far.

I thought DivestOS was what I wanted on my phones, and I used it for a couple years. Now I've mostly switched to CalyxOS and good ole vanilla LineageOS, without Gapps, instead.

As of February 2024, one of my three oldest phones now runs PostmarketOS, and two others are mostly turned off until I install something else. I have un-installed ALL Divested apps.



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