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Daniel Micay (strcat, thestinger) - Leader of GrapheneOS, rants about Reddit

In his own words

Setting: In the DivestOS Off-topic XMPP Multi-User Chat (MUC) public online chat group

All dates and times are in UTC time zone. April, 2023.
April 18, 02:50
some nonsense in

April 18, 03:02
strcat: as usual is one of the sockpuppets used as part of the coordinated attacks in their Telegram group

they often interact with the sockpuppets

they keep making false claims that we don't permit security researcher and many other false claims

open source licenses permit security research as part of permitting any kind of usage for any purpose

not clear what they are talking about

you can also see they upvote their own comments with the sockpuppets, that's why they start at 2/3

April 18, 03:05
such a weird nonsense jab too

"they have no audits" "they don't allow researchers" "it is proprietary" ???

April 18, 03:06
it's only one of MANY false claims they make from those accounts


the 3 of them are often talking to each other

but the person who is using 1MxtaL6FHK has made literally over 100 sockpuppet accounts

although only about 20 they used heavily

it's just one of the many forms of ongoing attacks

SkewedZeppelin: it's somewhat funny that they aren't capable of understanding what verified boot is or other basic security features

and just spew total nonsense about stuff

> GOS simply enables one of linux kernel features - fs_verity, which has no relation to verified boot. Interestingly, the feature was developed by Google, who intends to replace dm_verity with fs_verity, the same way it replaced a stronger full disk/partition encryption with a weaker file based encryption. By the way, the feature has been available since Android 11. What a major Android flaw. LOL.

some of the nonsense

and yet this person makes an OS (based on Android 11, without most security patches, and with a bunch of the security model broken)

and sells a proprietary variant of it

which appears to be their whole motivation to do this

look through

endless attacks on GrapheneOS and DivestOS

and they promote Telegram as a 'secure' messaging app among other ridiculous things

oh and /r/privacy and /r/degoogle moderators support this misinformation and won't do anything about it

they also pretend to not notice the sockpuppet accounts

they have banned that person repeatedly but they feign ignorance about the new obvious accounts posting the same deranged stuff over and over, which no one else has ever posted

won't do anything about it is another of their accounts

refuting one of their posts there

but they post that stuff from dozens of accounts across Reddit and spend hours and hours on this daily

not much we can do without substantial community help and we aren't getting that

you could be mistaken and think they are just misinformed about the false claims they make about MAC randomization, etc.

but they get corrected repeatedly, linked to documentation, etc. and just keep making the same false claims in that account and their other accounts

they are just pathologically lying posting the same stuff again and again

April 18, 03:22

some of those telegram comments are absurd too

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