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Daniel Micay (strcat, strncat, thestinger) - Leader of GrapheneOS, uses tactical licensing changes against bromite

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Setting: In the DivestOS XMPP Multi-User Chats (MUC) public online chat group

Comments: What is better than one project on Microsoft's proprietary GitHub dying? Answer: More than one projects on Microsoft's proprietary GitHub dying, or better, moving!

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All dates and times are in UTC time zone. April, 2023.
Do anybody know what happened to bromite?

Apr. 9, 12:59

it's not actively maintained
Apr. 9, 14:32

there's no proper announcement or notice, that's the bigger issue
Apr. 9, 14:35

we're working on completing state partitioning including for cookies in Vanadium, and we'll be adding other features like content filtering

collaboration welcome

Bromite was using nearly all of our work on it and they decided to start disallowing us from using their work in return by strictly licensing it only as GPLv3
Apr. 9, 14:46

so we switched to using GPLv2-only with additional permissions (to make it more permissive) which blocked them using our code since GPLv2 forbids GPLv3's additional restrictions

may have something to do with it dying, don't know

it's possible we can switch back to MIT licensing if it's dead but I'm not going to do that yet

Apr. 9, 14:47

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