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I'm sure much smarter people than me can come up with proper solutions to any concerns much better than I (as someone who's not technical) can in 5 minutes.
GrapheneOS moderator and fanatical follower of Daniel Micay,
March 17, 2024, 01:36 UTC, Github comment

Truer words have not been written.

More hiding of history and facts, Accusing microG Mar-v-in's team of attempted murder

March 20, 2024

Did Daniel Micay (thestinger, strcat, strncat, GrapheneOS lead developer) "step back" as announced in late May 2023? No. Micay has remained active at Github, amassing 3800 "contributions in the last year" ( as of January 16, 2024.

However, Micay hid his Github profile and activity ( sometime in the next month, before February 17, 2024. Too late to cover up, it has always been obvious Micay never really "stepped back" as announced in late May 2023.

More, embarrassing, libelous, defamation from Micay at Github:

No evidence is (ever) provided.

Mozilla is dropping their location service. This caused discussion at Github related to microG ( Fine. I don't really care about it, but I skimmed it. With CalyxOS or LineageOS, I use GPS-only location, possibly with a little help from Qualcomm and associates, whether wanted or not. To GrapheneOS, Daniel Micay and followers, it is apparently a big deal, needing walls of text and emphatic discussion.

The predictable, off-topic, side discussion caught my attention. It is just one more example of more of the same old balogna from Daniel Micay. It's like a compulsion.

Marvin W. was much more charitable than I could be. Although I no longer even consider using microG, I did use it for a year or two, several years ago. I respect Marvin's work, and his reasonable approach, even when faced with ridiculous, defamation from Micay. Excerpts follow.

Some of the main perpetrators of the attacks on GrapheneOS and myself are among the main developers of your project. It was one of your supporters who did multiple swatting attacks targeting me in April 2023 with the clear aim of having me killed by law enforcement. It was carefully crafted to maximize the chance of that outcome. Perhaps if was one of the people who makes commits to your project who did it. You probably wouldn't kick them out even if we obtained proof of that based on past experience. Doesn't make any sense for someone like yourself who says you only care about the code and will allow nazis to contribute to your project if they write good code to start pretending to care about abuse.
thestinger, Daniel Micay, 3/16/2024 18:13 UTC
Off-topic: on accusations
As I previously said, I feel sorry for what happened to you and you are open to provide detailed accusations and supporting material by email to me, e.g. by mail to admin at, or to some independent third-party. And of course these can lead to a ban of individuals from the project. I don't think it's fair to claim wrongdoings by me personally because of a conflict you seem to have with an unnamed contributor to my project. I'd also like to point out that the project only has a single "main developer" beside myself and I doubt you are referring to that person, so maybe you should downgrade your wording to "minor contributor". And to reiterate the obvious: I don't want any contributions from Nazis and will happily ban those, no matter how good or how much code they were to contribute. But I also don't think this is the venue to discuss any of this.
mar-v-in, Marvin WiƟfeld, larma at mastodon, 3/16/2024 22:19 UTC
These are not unnamed contributors to the project but very active developers. You're also paid by people involved in this. You brought up the possibility of abuse if we published open data for publicly available information, and yet you've had no issue with harassment which financially benefits you and your project. You've heavily spread misinformation yourself. No point of acting uninvolved in it. You share responsibility for the harassment including swatting attacks. If you bring up abuse and imply other people are going to be enabling it, this is very relevant.
thestinger, Daniel Micay, 3/17/2024 02:21 UTC
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