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The more compassion one has for non-normal experiences of others, the sooner consciousness will shift toward the stars; to him, this means shifting the ethical structure of communicating his narrative.

A Treatise on Stars
Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

Chapter 10

In which johnik criticizes "GrapheneOS approach" for only supporting phones from Google, XMPP and Matrix are briefly compared, and risen is criticized for using quotes in a comment.

strcat: Hello. I don't like GrapheneOS approach either, since this operating system is only suitable for phones from the evil corporation Google ))

If we are talking about an ethical, **LIBRE** operating system, first of all it should be 200% free from Google and then from everything proprietary. Double standards should not be as a concept. It also has to be root this is user control or it will be like with tesla cars  kill people and the driver can't do anything.
Nov 29 14:16
Nov 29 14:17

johnik, you should note strcat is the lead developer and creator of GrapheneOS

and Pixel's are the only devices with proper aftermarket OS support with all security features intact
Nov 29 14:22

there are no *LIBRE* operating systems even for devices marketed as such like the Librem5
Nov 29 14:23

^ which is why it is NOT double standards

Example,i can lock a berylium back

So its kind of always vulnerable

The approach to sandbox gapps is also great

Its an app and no a service anymore

Not *
Nov 29 14:24

There are caviats on using google devices but you compromise for the sake of security

5year support is also amazing
Nov 29 14:25

just stop risen

What does he have to do with anything?
Nov 29 14:26

That topic is done,shut it
Nov 29 14:27


Poison Ivy:
Would be nice if you put this matrix room in the help app
Nov 29 14:42

I kinda hate using xmpp xd

This is very good, because dearly Strcat received real feedback from a user who is a fan of ethics and privacy.
I despise google ,apple,microsoft ,facebook and other evil corporations cooperating with ntmi for their venality and disrespect to users.

The other day, Zuckerberg apologized for once again when millions of personal data got into different forums. Why does he apologize, he should be in prison for 100 years.

As far as my point of view regarding the GrapheneOs operating system, there are great developments, but you need to sit down and think one day, team up with Replicant or PostmarketOS and make a cool project together for people and not evil corporations!
Moreover, the philosophy of GNU and its 4 freedoms does not interfere with software sales.
People are not fools, everyone understands who cooperates with whom and who pursues what goals.
Nov 29 14:44

Poison Ivy:
There is no point
Nov 29 14:46

What dont u like about xmpp?

Poison Ivy:
Replicant is just not updating the proprietary components

Doesn't mean its not there
Nov 29 14:47

> <dlnb> What dont u like about xmpp?

Client and XEP fragmentation

at least it doesn't have bugs that brick rooms, or $50 million in VC backing that needs to come due one day
Nov 29 14:48

Different tastes for different ppl i guess
> Client and XEP fragmentation
I like their approach, clients can be meh or complicated compared to casual IMs
Nov 29 14:49

Poison Ivy:
I don't see how their approach achieves anything or how GOS working with them would result in anything

Joh should use linux on his phone,problem solved
Nov 29 14:50

Poison Ivy
> <> What dont u like about xmpp?

I just don't like the clients (yeah, this is subjective) or the fact that all rooms are only hosted on 1 server instead of being replicated
Nov 29 14:51

The homeserver going down and the room goes bye bye

Idk, what's the harm in listing this bridge on the contact page tho
Nov 29 14:52

Its not all black and white, this bad etc

Google privacy practices - not a fan of.
But they do alot of useful work for everybody

Poison Ivy, it is listed:


on the pixel 6a, should I go with gos or dos?

calyx runs fine on it, fwiw
Nov 29 17:36

dos doesn't support 6a

gos is more secure and updates faster than calyx

i mostly did calyx to confirm it's unlocked and fully functional

also, purism will give me a coupon to swap my librem5 for a librem5 usa, so I might do that and forgo android altogether
Nov 29 17:38

are the usa units still shipping faster?

while the others backordered?

I assume you didn't receive one yet?
Nov 29 17:39

correct to all the above

i'll trust my nsa backdoored phone over china's mss
Nov 29 17:40


the 6a is nice hardware
Nov 29 17:43

> i'll trust my nsa backdoored phone over china's mss
Nov 29 17:45

i have to install gos via cli, hella not using google browsers to get webusb
Nov 29 17:47

download this google browser to give it direct access to hardware over the internet to install your non-google OS

Any chromium works fwiw
Nov 29 17:53

i know, but i have a philosophical block on using google stuff

Nov 29 17:57

> SkewedZeppelin:
> gos is more secure and updates faster than calyx
Is it OK to point out we've never had anyone from CalyxOS come here and "visit"?
Nov 29 19:09

> deimos:
> i know, but i have a philosophical block on using google stuff
Me too, and it makes web browsing many places difficult
Nov 29 19:11

> egregious comments
Nov 29 19:34

> e·gre·gious  (ĭ-grē′jəs, -jē-əs)
> adj.
> Conspicuously bad or offensive
If you really mean "any comment at all; you are silenced on the topic" just say so.
Nov 29 19:39

I didn't say you can't comment at all on it

but you put visit in quotes

I think that is
> Conspicuously bad
Nov 29 19:41

Would you prefer a more accurate description, no.

but like I've mentioned here a few times, Desai has responded to my messages maybe 3 times in total over the past 5 years
Nov 29 19:42


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