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Chapter 18

In which there is a collection of miscellaneous DivestOS links.

Please understand:
Also where is the place to find all the miscellaneous pages ( ) on ? I only see random links posted in this group chat

> Tommy:
>> <> > SkewedZeppelin:
>> What does the graph refer to?
> Solana price
Ah, thanks for the info
Dec 8 22:49

they're listed in various places

I actually don't think bench is linked anywhere
Dec 8 22:50

also other random things like
Dec 8 22:52

Please understand:
Could we get access to ?
Currently this is shown
> Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access this resource.
Dec 8 22:56


that is on purpose
Dec 8 22:57

here are other randoms

that is it

the rest is just like test apks or whatever
Dec 8 22:58

like all the important ones are always viisible and tracked in git:
Dec 8 23:02

there is also this untracked page:

which is a blurb from a long ago

and has bad  advice these days
Dec 8 23:07


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