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Writing can shift the mechanism of time by changing the record, then changing the event.

A Treatise on Stars
Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

Chapter 4

In which strcat makes claims of plagiarism against LineageOS and a developer, attempts to explain how Copperhead business was formed without him having a copy of a written agreement, and mentions suspicions about Wikipedia.

also suggest you look at the new camera app LineageOS made at some of the code and then look at the GrapheneOS Camera code
Nov 26 22:28

Is there any progress in the court case?
Nov 26 22:28

strcat, yes, I've seen a handful of similarities even in other areas
Nov 26 22:29

particularly the QR scanning part

their policy is to not touch GOS code

also the update client they made

didn't one of their directors work at Copperhead?

but they are clearly taking our code sometimes exactly as it was and using it

with no credit given

> <> didn't one of their directors work at Copperhead?

yes, Rashed plagiarized my work post-split and added fake copyright claim notices to all the code

Nov 26 22:30

they actually just cloned my repos off GitHub (AndroidHardening / AndroidHardeningArchive), reuploaded it as 'CopperheadOS' (regret not fighting over that brand name since my project used it before the company) and added fake copyright notices

cde was initially the one James was having do that stuff but then he left to work at Calyx (I do not buy his story that he left out of respect for me anymore, but at the time I did)

Rashed is a blatant plagiarist and also tried to insinuate that me talking about that was because I must be racist

didn't even name him as the one James had doing it
Nov 26 22:31

multiple other LineageOS people worked for Copperhead post-split once it was a fully proprietary OS and a complete scam misrepresenting itself as the open source project I'd started
Nov 26 22:32

GrapheneOS was started in 2014 without a specific name initially, then later was called CopperheadOS, and then in late 2015, around November, the company was founded

at the beginning there were also 3 people and the company was meant to be split 3 ways
Nov 26 22:33

the 3rd co-founder was pushed out by James treating them badly and their own personal life issues which took their time/attention away from it

so it ended up split 50-50 and James tricked me into agreeing to that setup where he was CEO/director so he eventually was able to abuse that to push me out despite equal voting shares, which I **still** own

he blatantly violated the law in many ways, did tax fraud, etc.
Nov 26 22:34

after pushing me out, James retroactively redid the accounting and claimed I'd been paid a salary that I hadn't been and also said they hadn't withheld the taxes, to put a significant tax burden for money I didn't get on me

and he filed for grants based on that from gov

and got them
Nov 26 22:35

he stole all the Bitcoin donations (~6 BTC), Stripe donations, etc.

which were donations to the open source project, but he lied and said people had donated to the for-profit company

since he was the one to register that's the reason the infrastructure was impacted and the project was unable to continue until later
Nov 26 22:36

he also used that to steal the project's accounts across platforms

Where is the written agreement signed by partners and stating who owns copyrights?

the open source project predates the company by over a year and we weren't partners
Nov 26 22:37

I was never employed by Copperhead, I never had any employment agreement or contracts for it

You went into business with "3 co-founders" with no agreement on paper?
Nov 26 22:38

no I said there were 3 people, I was one of the 3

> <> You went into business with "3 co-founders" with no agreement on paper?

you seem to be misunderstanding something

Copperhead never owned / controlled the open source project
Nov 26 22:39

the business was also not supposed to be so heavily based on the OS project, it was originally meant to be a way to do contract work, etc. partly based on the OS


it was there to support the open source project similar to companies used by other open source projects for that

for example some of the OpenSSL devs have companies, etc.
Nov 26 22:40

the business was a complete failure and therefore became entirely reliant on my open source work and trying to sell that directly (selling phones with it, and James always trying to convince me to make it harder for people not to pay the company)
Nov 26 22:41

But you has no agreement in writing?

there **was** an agreement about the donations belonging to the project, and the project being fully under my control, and it was written in the sense that there were emails

if emails count as writing, it was / is in writing

that is understandable from my understanding
Nov 26 22:42

I expect most of that has been 'accidentally' destroyed / lost of course since he controlled the account for the service with the emails (it wasn't self-hosted like GrapheneOS does)

there is no court case or legal proceedings at this point because James / Copperhead hardly has any money to speak of and is hardly doing anything beyond slowly copying work from elsewhere (not just from GrapheneOS, maybe not even primarily from GrapheneOS anymore, since they care little about hardening)
Nov 26 22:43

there is little point of us spending another $50k legal stuff when we know the end result is just going to be at best having a court officially debunk his fraudulent claims, etc. that are barely relevant
Nov 26 22:44

people don't talk about this much anymore, it is not a major source of the attacks on GrapheneOS, and the main impact that's left is James editing Wikipedia pages about CopperheadOS / GrapheneOS and getting people to do that (maybe he pays them), none of which can easily be proven though

proven to a legal standard I mean
Nov 26 22:45

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